Wednesday, May 14, 2008

If Everyone Else Jumped Off A Cliff...

Well, since tysgirl and limpy went on vacation I thought I would too. Sylvia and I are heading to Colorado with her dad, his wife, and Sylvia's brother. It'll be a week filled with hiking (Great Sand Dunes NM, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado State Forest State Park (yes, that's really what it's called)) whitewater rafting class IV and V rapids, camping in a yurt, and generally goofing off.

On a completely unrelated note, The Spousal Unit just asked me why the winner of the Indianapolis 500 drinks milk. Turns out Louis Meyer, who won the race in 1936, drank buttermilk after the race because it was his favorite. The Milk Foundation decided that was too good of a promotional thing to pass up and has made sure the winner has a bottle of milk ever since. Fine, it's a dumb tradition. Whatever. I mention this not because of it's riveting trivia value but because (according to the one online source I happened to see it at) PETA is hoping to stop the tradition. The organization is looking to end the drinking of the milk, claiming it to be a "beverage born out of cruelty to baby calves" and a "racist drink."

Ohhh Kaaay. I'm with you on preventing animal cruelty but, christ, it's fucking milk. And it's racist? Should it be alternated with chocolate milk?

Back to the regularly scheduled banality you've come to expect.

I'll be gone from Saturday til the following Saturday and, unlike other bloggers who set up posts to come up on scheduled days during their absence, I'm just not going to think about you at all. It's not that I don't care, it's just that I really don't care.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go kick a calf in the nuts, just so he knows what cruelty is really like.


Frank said...

I bet the other PETA is quite in favor of it, however (the milk-drinking -- I guess neither group cares much about your vacation, though maybe the animal rights folks have something to say about all those poor little mosquitos you squish while hiking...) Have fun!

limpy99 said...

PETA sucks. Honestly, they have to be the dumbest group of people on the planet. Although I do approve of their policy of using barely dressed young women in public.

Have fun. Avoid Disney.

Elle said...

You better kick a lot of other baby animals that way PETA can't complain you were showing favoritism toward one species.

I love idiots. Their way of reasoning is always a knee slapper.

Phollower said...

frank: I think the group you're looking for is PETAL: People Eating Tasty Animals' Lactations

limpy: Even the 20 year old chicks with hairy pits are ok with me. As long as they're willing to be barely (or less) dressed.

And I won't be within 500 miles of Disney. And that's not by accident.

elle: You've got a good point. I wouldn't want to be a speciesist.

lynne said...

Okay, normally while I enjoy your topics and tend to agree with you--have you seen how milk cows are treated? And even besides the cruetly to animals bit (not a big PETA supporter, after all I do live in the Yukon and support subsistence hunters) how many people do you know that are lactose intolerant? Most. Even if they don't know it. Stop drinking milk and see how much better you feel. It's really bad for you. And soy milk is pretty darned good.

But don't worry. I'll continue to lurk your blog, even if you are a cow-hating milk-drinker.

Party Girl said...

A racist drink?

For poop sack.

Poor little moo cows and their hate juice that will suck from their teets.

tysgirl said...

Ummm, just to clarify, Limpy and I went on very SEPARATE vacations thank you very much. Although I did think of Limpy and laugh my ass off as we drove past Disney on our way to our big, beautiful ship.

Have fun while you're away not caring about us.

Phollower said...

lynne: Hey! Good to hear from you!

I grew up in a rural town and worked on a dairy farm for a couple years. Milking cows. And those cows were treated like queens. Happy cows make more milk. But that was a small, local dairy farm and not a big, corporate one so I can't speak for those.

And as far as I can tell I'm definitely NOT lactose intolerant. I don't drink much milk but eat plenty of dairy, preferably in the form of cheese. I couldn't live without cheese.

But I'm with you 100% on the soy milk. 8th Continent light vanilla soy milk is awesome. That's all I pour on my cereal. And I use it for making pancakes and waffles and stuff too. It rules.

Thanks for stopping by again. Is everything thawing out up there?

pg: The racist part got me a lot more than the animal cruelty part. I was pretty sure that racism is a philosophy and that inanimate object don't philosophize that much. Shows what I know.

tysgirl: Still pretending you didn't go to Disneyland with limpy, huh? All those cruise pictures prove nothing.