Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Name Change

Alright, I'm fully aware I've been ignoring not just my blog but blogs everywhere lately. See I got this new guitar and I've pretty much been playing it during all my free moments. If you click on the "review" button you'll see the color I got too. It rocks. Not in my hands it doesn't (yet) but the guitar itself is really awesome.

As far as the title of this post is concerned, there's been a change made to the name of a popular donut and coffee establishment in order to better represent its true nature. From this day forward it shall be referred to as BadunkaDunkin Donuts.

I'll be back sometime.


Sylvia said...

Holy FSM! It is alive! And it can use its guitar-bloodied stumps to type.

tysgirl said...

Well, I can't say that I don't miss reading your blog, but that guitar does look pretty damn cool.

Come visit when you can.

weinercats said...

"Nut Width"??? Only 1.68"? We had never gotten such a graphic description before.
What in the heck are Humbuckers?

Phollower said...

sylvia: Shut it, woman.

tysgirl: I'm working on it. But Sylvia has been keeping me informed on "recent developments" at your place. Our fingers are crossed for you.

weinercats: I dream of having a nut width of 1.68" So does Sylvia. I mean for my nut width, not hers. And I have no idea what Humbuckers are. Maybe a real guitarist would but to me it sounds like a restaurant chain. "Hi, welcome to Humbuckers. Could I start you out with an order of mini-Bucker-burgers?"

Party Girl said...

"learn to play the guitar" it is on my to-do list.

Jealous that it has (is) being crossed off yours.

MrsOz said...

It's gorgeous!!

tysgirl said...

Well thank you. I envy your new found passion, but I do miss reading your blog. Don't stay away too long.

limpy99 said...

First time I've seen the name "Ace Frehley" used in a positive mode for an endorsement.