Tuesday, September 11, 2007

He didn't get rich by throwing his money away

My previous post (see below) and the comments therein reminded me of another story:

About 15 years ago I used to work at this little Mom & Pop grocery store called Sunshine's Supermarket. The owner of the store was this older jewish guy named, no shit, Mel Sunshine. On my way to work I passed this excellent restaurant/diner that had a kick-ass breakfast special: 2 eggs, homefries and toast for 99 cents. Add a cup of coffee and you had a yummy start to your day for under $2. Believe or not they have that special to this day. How they can afford to do it, I have no idea. It was one of those places where the people who worked there remembered how you liked your eggs and since I usually sat at the counter there was a cup o' joe waiting for me before I even sat down. Anyway, I told Mel about the great breakfast there and how even after leaving a tip the whole thing cost me $3.

A little quick math and Mel nearly lost his mind.

Mel: "You know, since your meal comes to $1.75 you could tip a lot less than that."

Phollower: "Yeah Mel, I know. Now leave me alone, I'm not done rubbing the expiration dates off these canned goods like you asked me to."

No kidding there either.

Sunshines was actually a nice place to work. I worked in the deli/meat dept and the job was easy enough that I could come to work totally baked (and did so daily). And Mel, albeit "thrifty", was genuinely a nice guy. Then again I never told him I used to bang his daughter.

Still not kidding.


limpy99 said...

Good thing I rubbed the expiration date off his daughter before you got there.

Phollower said...

limpy: Oh, her expiration date had been rubbed off LONG before I got to her. She was a slut. Notice I didn't say she was bitch. Because a slut sleeps with everybody; a bitch sleeps with everybody but you.