Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hit by a Pirate

The Spousal Unit was involved in a car accident yesterday. She's fine. The car got pretty banged up though. She was stopped at a traffic light and the lady coming up behind her took one eye off the road for a few seconds and, next thing you know, Sylvia's got a banged up rear end.

Rear end of the car, Zoe.

Why do I say the offending driver "took one eye off the road"? Because, it turns out, she's blind in the other eye.

No shit.

Blind in one eye and not watching the road with the other. Good combo. Since it's not bad enough to just have no depth perception you better not watch where you're going either.

Aaaargghh, matey. Ya best be movin' yer car out of me way or you'll be walkin' the plank. Right to the insurance office. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Jesus Christ.


limpy99 said...

Sounds like a new kitchen to me!

sylvia said...

She was really upset and sorry. And accidents happen - that's why we call them accidents. I felt really bad for her. And my car - which I love more than any car I have ever had.

Party Girl said...

Example A of why there is brail on drive-up ATM's

dykewife said...

what? no white canes sticking out of the other woman's car? fie and for shame!

Phollower said...

Limpy: You're hired!

PG: I'd always wondered about that. Now we know.

dykewife: There may have been a cane before the accident but after the bitch crammed the entire front end of her car into The Spousal Unit's trunk it probably would've fallen off.