Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Girl's a Riot

Last night Sylvia and I were hanging out with our friends Jenny and Shelly (I love calling them that. They can't stand it. It's great fun.) and somehow we fell upon the topic of having to listen to someone tell us more details than we wanted to know about their sex life. Sylvia then says, "Please stop before I have to poke my mind's eye out." She said she thinks she heard that somewhere before and therefore can't take full credit but it was a new one to me so I say, "Brava, Sylvia, brava!"


Pud said...

Ahhh...hanging out and bullshitting with friends is always the best.

Tai said...

I think I've heard that phrase before too, but sometimes it's just SO damned appropriate.

I'm fond of 'Please ears are bleeding."