Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bye Daddy :(

Daddy went home yesterday. The Spousal Unit's father was in town for 5 days to help take care of his daughter before, during and after her surgery. It was great to have him. He helped me plant a new tulip poplar, did the dishes, went to the hardware store for me... all while entertaining and caring for Sylvia. For free. In fact, better than free. He bought dinner a couple times too. That's the kind of service you just can't get everyday.

Daddy, like Syliva and I, is also a big fan of euro-games. He doesn't have anyone to play them with in Nebraska so when he comes to visit we cram in as many as we can. We played too many to mention. OK, I'll mention them, but I won't go into too much detail:

Ticket to Ride: Europe of course.

El Grande. I mentioned this in my last game related post.

Ingenious. Also mentioned last post.

Carcassonne. Mentioned several times in the past.

Tigris & Euphrates. Played twice and I finally won once.

Power Grid. Daddy won again. He always wins Power Grid. I'd still play it anytime.

Liar's Dice. My homemade version. I'm still proud of how it came out.

For Sale. My current favorite filler game.

Geschenkt. Another homemade version. Also known as No Thanks. Known by us as Chip Whore. Daddy once called it Chipoor, which we thought was funny and we still call it that sometimes.

Battle Line. Daddy and I played while we were waiting for Sylvia's surgery and Daddy and Sylvia played while I was at work one day. Fun 2 player game.

Loco!. One more fun and decptively simple game. Play a card, take a chip, pray that your opponents don't end the game before you get another turn, pull your hair out trying to decide what card to play and what chip to pick up next, repeat.

Lost Cities. Sylvia taught Daddy this one while I was at work. He liked it a lot. I do too.

I guess that's about everything. I'm probably forgetting a couple. I'll add them later if I think of any. I'm sure that'll make your day.


sylvia said...

The best game in the list is, of course, Ticket to Ride Europe. I may never tire of that game. It sure has been boring since he left!

Zoe said...

I love that you call him daddy, that just cracks me up.