Thursday, August 14, 2008


The title is one word because that's how it's said here in the Midwest.

There's a ton of little stands in Indiana that sell locally grown corn during the summer. That would be sweetcorn to you folks from around here since maybe there's some other kind of corn that you might get it confused with when buying it on the street corner. But there's one that's my favorite. I've never bought corn there but that doesn't stop me from having a preference. Before today, the reason it was my favorite is because there are these 2 really cute girls who work at the stand most days when I drive by. Reason enough, right? But today as I passed they were throwing an ear of corn across the parking lot where their golden retriever would run over, pick it up in his mouth, and come bounding back to do it again. He looked and ran and acted just like our golden, Sam.

I swear, if seeing the joy in the eyes of a golden retriever who's in the middle of fetching something doesn't put a smile on your face, your heart is fucking broken.


tysgirl said...

I feel sorry for anyone that doesn't get this!

Oh and thanks, now I want some sweetcorn! Tennessee corn just isn't as good as the Midwest stuff!

limpy99 said...

And you could get that particular ear of corn for half-price!

limpy99 said...

This is the best blog ever!

Phollower said...

limpy: Shut up. It is not. Or were just seeing how long it would be before I showed up again to notice you wrote that?

Scarecrow said...

In the corn husker state the old timers say that if there is more silk on the corn than usual and the husks are tight to the ear and hard to peel it means the winter is going to be very cold. Did the dog seem to have trouble husking the corn?