Saturday, August 02, 2008

And You Thought I Was Scarce Before?

OK, tomorrow is officially going to be the biggest day since, well, since congress changed the official length of the world day from 22 to 24 hours. I can't remember what year that was.

The curious reader may ask, "Why Phollower?"

The bi-curious reader may have different questions entirely. Like, "Why not, Phollower? You know you want to."

I'm hear to address the curious reader. The bi-curious reader should've gotten to me 11 years ago before I got married.

There are 5 events occurring or possibly occurring tomorrow. In no particular order:

1. My new Playstation 3 is scheduled to arrive. I don't think I need to go into much more detail about the awesomeness of that. It's technically my X-Mas present but, you know.

2. My preordered copy of Agricola (complete with the "preorder exclusive" Animeeples is supposed to get delivered. I ordered the English printing back in December when it was announced and I was really excited to get it. Then it took a few months longer than the original ETA and I got a bit frustrated but now that it's set to arrive I'm totally psyched again.

3. The copy of NHL '08 that I got off eBay (at a bit of a steal, I might add) may be in the mail. NHL '09 is coming out soon but I really want to be able to play hockey with my brother in law who lives in Buffalo. He has '08, it was about $40 cheaper than '09, end of story.

4. Our new copy of Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Player's Handbook should get here. That means Sylvia and I won't have to share one anymore and we'll be able to make notes and put in page tabs and be as geeky as we want to be with our own copies.

5. Our co-ed softball tournament starts Monday night. After 11 grueling regular season games where sweat was actually worked up on occasion we've come to what we toil for so hard all year. OK, fine. Every team makes the playoffs and we'll probably be gone by the end of the 2nd week of games (since everybody makes it that far) but I still like to kid myself into thinking we'll get the big trophy this year.

So that's my Monday. Go ahead, tell me that day ain't huge. I dare ya.


tysgirl said...

Do you ever go outside?

Phollower said...

tysgirl: I said we're playing softball. God, get off my back woman. Now if you'll excuse me I need to check the tracking info on my packages again.

tysgirl said...


Phollower said...

tysgirl: Guilty as charged. I keep the Nerd Herd card in my wallet at all times just like it says to.

lkmanitou said...

How did I not know about the awesomeness that is little sheep meeples? Would they technically be sheeples?

limpy99 said...

I have NHL '08. it's the only ame I can consistently beat my son at. I word of advice; stay away from the Belarus National Team. They suck donkey balls.

o'butter said...

Hey, I heard you guys had a cool little jam session after the last hockey game, out in the parking lot. Sounds cool, and I'm sorry I missed it! That kinda stuff is what made playing in the league so damn fun.