Friday, February 22, 2008

Category 5 Humor

So I'm still at my sister & brother-in-laws' house. That would be The Spousal Unit's sister and her husband. Sylvia and I have been staying here and/or at her brother Karrrl's house for the last week while we've been in Buffalo. Yes, we ate wings, duh. The stories are true.

Trapper John & MrsOz (the aforementioned sis and B-I-L) have graced us with 2 nieces and a nephew who are 3 of the main reasons we come here. They're still letting me stay here so I have to make like I adore them. Crap, was that out loud?

Anyway, as the owners of 3 young 'uns they have items around the house that the childless among us just don't regularly need. For example?


I can't recall trying the stuff but apparently every parent in the country uses it to help their kids when they're teething. The grown-ups use it on the kids who are teething. Not any other incantation of the last sentence. Sylvia loves it. She loves to get it in her throat so she can't feel herself swallow. Hey, we've all got our things. I like watching towels while on acid. Shoot me. And for all you pervs (you know who you are) that swallowing comment was not meant to be gross. I can see your confusion though.

It somehow came up in conversation that they still had some Hurricane laying around and since the youngest is 3 (and they finally figured out that when he puts his wiener in her coochie, kids tend to pop out) they don't need it anymore. Sooooo, The Spousal Unit asked is she could have some.

Of course she could.

MrsOz runs upstairs to get it and upon her return says, and I swear to god this is true,

MrsOz: You have to get this from behind the pharmacy counter and they generally only have one bottle so you don't have a choice on flavor. This one is, and I have no idea why, Pina Colada.

Chock one up for the Pharmaceutical team. Inventing gateway drugs for children of all ages. God bless 'em.


Zoe said...

You stopped me at all you pervs...

tysgirl said...

I confess, my mind also went straight to the gutter.

Phollower said...

Do I know my audience or what? Then again when it's made up almost entirely of pervs it's easy to see that sort of thing coming.

limpy99 said...

I've never even heard of that stuff, but if it can get my wife past her fear of swallowing, count me in.

MrsOz said...

Sorry, I don't think Pina Colada flavored cum is any easier to swallow than the normal variety.