Saturday, October 13, 2007

She's So Good To Me

Conversation on Friday morning as Sylvia and I are waking up:

Sylvia: I'm so tired.

Phollower: Well you can sleep in as late as you want tomorrow.

Sylvia: And maybe while I'm sleeping you could go to the bakery and get some scones?

Phollower: That would be very nice of me.

Sylvia: Actually, since I'm letting you go it would be very nice of me.

Phollower: You're right. And would you let me make you a cappuccino tomorrow too?

Sylvia: I'd even let you make me a cappuccino today.

Phollower: You're so good to me. Thanks Honey.

Sylvia: You're welcome.


Maria said...

Smart woman. Hold on to that one.

And thanks for stopping by. It is very nice to meet you.

eleKtrofly said...

hahaha cute :)

Phollower said...

maria: She is and I plan to. For as long as she'll let me keep making her cappuccinos.

Nice to meet you too.

elektrofly: Yeah, real cute. Now make me a cappuccino.

That doesn't work, does it?

Party Girl said...

Ah, so cutesy.

limpy99 said...

Get me some cinammon doughnuts while you're at it.

Phollower said...

limpy: The Spousal Unit does return the favor in her own way. How frisky are you feeling?

limpy99 said...

Those better be some damn good doughnuts.