Thursday, June 14, 2007

Stiffening Up

As we're watching TV this evening a commercial for Cialis comes on. It's one of the typical Erectile Dysfunction commercials where the couple is taking romantic strolls, going out for ice cream, picking flowers, you know the crap I'm talking about. The narrator is going on about how with Cialis you can get a stiffy for 36 hours or something. The Spousal Unit says,

"You know what would really help with getting a hard on? Some foreplay. More making out, less walking around."

Amen sister. I'm pitching a tent already.


limpy99 said...

You mean the boardgames aren't foreplay?

Phollower said...

Limpy: Au Contraire. We're usually so spent (or, more likely, mad at each other for screwing up each other's plans) after a few games that we can't do it until morning.

Funny, when I type "Contraire" my spell checker doesn't like it. When I ask it for suggestions it recommends "Contra ire". Yeah, that's right Mr. Spellchecker, I meant to be talking about pissed Sandanista opposition members. Thanks for catching that.

dykewife said...

you're so romantic

Phollower said...

Dykewife: Yeah. Sylvia is one lucky lady, huh? The romance never ends around here.

Maggie said...

Yea, but the roleplaying has to be some serious foreplay. Especially the whole 'vampires with hormones' thing over at Zoe's.

Party Girl said...

Those commercials remind of the old Summer's Eve ads.
Running and frolicking in a meadow. I don't want to speak for other women, but a field of wild flowers in the hot humid summer air with bugs, that's not what I consider clean and fresh.