Monday, April 16, 2007

Why not?

They make Bow Tie Pasta, right?

Why no Tae Bo Pasta?


limpy99 said...

Hitting the bottles a little early are we?

Phollower said...

C'mon, the post clearly says 12:04PM. And if it's after noon it's not too early. Then again, I probably couldn't have gotten that messed up in 4 minutes.

Alright, you're on to me.

Zoe said...

That would be some kick ass pasta. Or maybe it would be some ass kicking pasta. I don't know.

Party Girl said...

I think it would be too juicy.

...Or meaty.

...Or tough.

...Or greasy.

...Or full of gravy.

I'm not sure which..but it would be one of those for sure.

Phollower said...

PG: I believe the Billy Blanks brand Tae Bo noodles would just be cheesey.

limpy99 said...

Probably sinewy too. And you'd have to finish all of it, or it would yell at you.

Party Girl said...

Cheesy! Damn. Can't believe I let that one go. Damn.