Monday, July 24, 2006

Smart Shopper

Here's a little synopsis of a typical day for me at work:

The scene- Me showing a potential customer a couple of the computers we have for sale. One system is about $150 more than the other but is a much nicer computer.

Customer: So, if you were me, which one of these systems would you buy?
Me: I would buy this one (pointing to the nicer of the systems). For the relatively small increase in price you'll be getting a computer that's a lot more powerful, has more RAM, a DVD burner etc.
Customer: Well, I can't afford that one.
Me: Ummmm, in that case, I'd go with the cheaper one.

Thanks for shopping at Phriendly Phollower's Computer Warehouse. Please come again.


Dirty Bunny said...

People can be dopes. Why even ask? I really get a kick out of those who will buy a cheap HP at Wal-Mart (as far as I know, they are all refurbished, and that's why they can sell them so cheap) brag about what a deal they got, and bring it in right after the return policy runs out because the power supply is shot.

Phollower said...

Yup. We get plenty of that ourselves. I get a bigger kick out of people who bring in their systems that are still under warranty and pay to have us fix it because they can't get their "award winning service" to do it under warranty. Thank you, drive through please.

limpy99 said...

I'd make fun of those people, but since it just took m e three days to figure out out new remote I'm just going to go back inot my glass house and shut the door.

Party Girl said...

People wear me out and make me tired. And not in the good fun way.

Soapdish said...

This is precisely the reason I'll never work retail.

Now the TV remote problem is completely understandable. They're all different and have completely different keystrokes to program something and none of them have any sort of visual feedback to tell you if you did it right or not.

Meh. I'm just not coming up with anything clever.