Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ain't Nature Grand?

So, here are some more pictures from our Black Forest trip. If you don't like trees or snakes please close this window now 'cause you're gonna ehat this post:

And I thought yesterday's boulders were tough to climb over...

A beautiful fern-filled meadow

Chan is pensive. Nature will do that to a half-asian. Right Elle?

Me, Karrrl and our campfire as night #2 approached. I know it's blurry but I thought it was neat.

Daddy taking a load off at one of the best vistas on the trail. This was the view from the top of Hemlock Mountain. We stopped here for about 15 or 20 minutes and the fog went from being so dense we couldn't see at all to being completely clear and back again in the time we were there. This is about halfway to clear.

Chan and Daddy filtering water during our day 3 lunch stop

Man it was gorgeous...

Chan and Karrrl by the spring-fed pond we camped near on day 4. The water was so cold that it was perfectly clear. I mean crystal clear. It felt good on sore toes I can tell you that.

The big guy. You can't see all of him or how fat his back end was or how big his rattle was. Take my word for it, he was big. And scary. And my head could probably have fit in his mouth. And he was close enough to poke with my trekking pole. I chose not to.

The weary hikers return to the trailhead after 42 tough miles. What a great trip.


Dirty Bunny said...

I can't get over how absolutely gorgeous the scenery is there. Since we haven't had rain in what seems to be forever, it's nice to see such lush vegetation. I love GREEN!

Phollower said...

We had plenty of rain during the trip. Little did we know that half of PA was under flood alerts and there was all sorts of damage. Sylvia was really worried and had left a bunch of messages on my cell phone which, of course, in the middle of nowhere I couldn't listen to. I called her after the hike and that was the first I heard how bad it was.

sylvia said...

That snake is beautiful! And it was definitely keeping an eye on you guys. How cool. You are so lucky to have seen it that close.

Phollower said...

...and lived to tell about it, that is.

Party Girl said...

Very beautiful.

I was amazed by how beautiful the Black Hills are when I went. I truly had no idea.
I'm glad you have a grand time!

Anonymous said...

Next time, instead of a "thumbs up" you should all give "the shocker"

Nothing says class quite like that.

Tai said...

Really? THAT'S the Black Forest?

I had no's so beautiful!

(For some reason, I had imagined a flat series of regimented trees lined up in rows. Glad that's not true!)

sugarnspice said...

Wow! Some of those pics are just amazing - beautiful scenery.
BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog :)

elle_rigby said...

He's not "thoughtful" enough. He needs a semi smirk, and maybe a little more squintiness which can be produced by wearing bandanas too tight