Monday, July 10, 2006

As Promised

I said I'd post pictures of my backpacking adventure when I got them from Chan so here are the first few. These are from day 1:

Typical Black Forest

Chan, Karrrl, Daddy and Phollower

Me amid the mountain laurel, which was in bloom everywhere

Chan and me at a nice lookout

SNAKES! If you look closely at the curled up one you can see his rattle. He was kind enough to rattle it for us when Daddy moved the branch out of the way for a better look. That's the first rattlesnake I'd seen in the wild but he paled in comparison to the ones from day 5.

Brutal downhill section. This is near where Daddy fell. If you're looking for the trail, notice the orange blazes on the trees. That's it. Basically a shower of boulders. Horrible footing & very steep. The trekking poles were life savers.

Karrrl and me savoring the reward for making it down. Worth it? Oh yeah.


Zoe said...

It's always rewarding if you make it down.

Party Girl said...

Very nice, except for the snakes. I hate snakes. I especially hate snakes that can bite and kill me. But that's just me.

Phollower said...

Zoe- Very nice. I can always count on you to take perfectly nice nature scenes and make them naughty. Oh, so naughty.

PG- I don't like snakes that might bite and kill you either. I like snakes that might bite and kill me even less. The Spousal Unit on the other hand loves snakes and is super jealous that she didn't get to see them.

Motor City Monk said...

Amazing Nature Scenery!!!!

Scary Fucking Snake!!!

lkmanitou said...

Eeepies! Those snakes gave me the heebeejeebies! Otherwise, beautiful scenery :)

elle_rigby said...

I think you have the best outfit on.

Phollower said...

MCM- It was beautiful but that snake was nowhere near as scary as the ones from day 5. He was smaller and a bit farther off the trail. When I get the rest of the pictures I'll post some more and hopefully the picture of the big 'un turns out.

LK- Yep, if you read my comment to MCM that pretty much covers it.

ELLE- Yeah, I'm pretty hip. Wide brimmed rain/sun hat and knee-high blue gaitors. You just don't get much more fashionable than that. And to think, I'm only that cool while I'm in the woods where no one can see me. The Spousal Unit thanks the lord every day for that.

sylvia said...

I don't know what you mean by you only look like that in the woods, unless you are in the "woods" all the time. You pretty much dress like that (minus the gaters) all the time. And I do wish I had seen the snakes. They look beautiful!

Dirty Bunny said...

That scenery is breath-taking. No wonder why you love back-packing. I would love it, except for the snakes. Yeah, I've just now developed a phobia of entering any wooded area. Snakes frighten the living hell out of me.