Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I am Mr. Athletic

This week at least. I play Ice Hockey every Sunday, had a softball game yesterday, and I'm going on my more or less annual golf outing today. Quick, somebody carve a Grecian style statue of me. If you want to add some pecs that would be great.

Hockey is the one I take most seriously. It really is the greatest thing in the universe. I mean, ice skating is fun, hockey is fun, playing hockey while ice skating... now you've got something. My skating has improved drastically over the last few years since I started skating on a much more regular basis and that makes the game even more enjoyable for me.

I like softball a lot too. We even won our game last night which, I have to admit, came as a pleasant surprise. I feel a little bad because softball practice is on Sunday nights and if you're playing along at home that's the same night as hockey and softball has to take a backseat to the Almighty Hockey. Since I can't make it to practice I feel sort of bad playing in the games, you know, like I'm not investing myself appropriately. Fortunately our team is short on guys and I'm halfway decent so I get to play. Our softball league is co-ed and I think for most teams it's tough to come up with enough women but for our lesbian laced team it's the guys we're short on. It's sort of funny because for the last few years the men have been pretty sparce and the girl on the team that I hang out with most regularly (one of the gay ones) always says, "Every male I know is already on the team." She and her girlfriend were a couple of the first friends we made after moving here and a lot of the people we've met were through them so every male we know is already on the team too. But if we ever need a woman to play, we've got 'em lined up.

I've mentioned golf before. I play maybe once a year so it goes without saying that I suck. I really enjoy it and I like the guy I'm going with a lot so I'm sure it's going to be a blast. 75 degrees and sunny. Nice weather to wander around in the brush looking for my ball.


zoe said...

One of the gay ones, I'm the only gay one. Okay, well, there may be one other, but I'm the only out one.
And you're the best guy we have, so no one minds that you don't come to practice because it's on your hockey night. We like to win. Oh, and we like it when you and the SU are around too.
How's the road rash by the way?

Phollower said...

I've learned over the last couple seasons that if you can't repress your competitive urges enough to not slide on the pea gravel infield at least do it on your butt rather than on your legs. A little less effective but a whole let better on the body as a whole. Even though I slid twice I really didn't scratch myself up much at all. Let's see if I can keep it up all season.

The Spousal Unit said...

I say YES to the keeping up the butt slides this year! It sure would be nice not to have you oozing blood from your legs for 2 weeks this year.

Phollower said...

I just realized that a butt slide is better on the body as a whole but not better on the hole of the body. Get it? Hole? Oh nevermind.