Monday, May 22, 2006

Dick Tricks

The SU and I watched an episode of Real Sex on HBO the other day and one of the segments was about this group of guys who do Penis Puppetry. They take their johnsons and their nuts and twist and squish them into various shapes. It was pretty funny. The SU then said, "Those guys had pretty big dicks" which makes sense because you'd need to have something to work with. I could do tricks like, "The Bellybutton" or "The Peeping Tom" but it would pretty much end there.

I wrote this as a comment on the post under this one but I thought it deserved to elaborated upon on its own. Be sure to look at the comments of the post below this one to see limpy's comment.


Motor City Monk said...

I would only be able to do such "tricks" erect cuz I'm stupidly small flacid. But once erect I don't think I'd be able to do twist 'n tricks. Oh well, guess I'll just use my dick for fucking and such.

Party Girl said...

I've seen that one and I have to say, I just kept thinking it looked painful. I mean, no way I would be twisting my vagina lips or my breasts into shapes, you know? Ouch!

Phollower said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. The guy on the show said it didn't hurt at all and that he wouldn't do it if it did hurt but I kept thinking that I'd require some sort of enhancement surgery to perform most of the tricks and that would most definitely hurt. Count me out.