Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Game 7*


After blowing a 1 goal lead late in the game my Buffalo Sabres rallied to win in overtime and force Game 7 on Thursday with the Carolina Hurricanes. The winner goes to the Stanley Cup Finals against the Edmonton Oilers. I'm quickly starting to hate those bastard Hurricanes. I never had anything against them before but their lack of willingness to roll over and let us into the finals is getting on my nerves.

I've been wracking my excuse for a brain to come up with something non-hockey related to post about. I got nuthin. It's all I can think about. My Friday post will either be insanely excited or filled with expletives. If you don't follow hockey you may want to check the blog before your kids log on to see if it's parentally approved.


Dirty Bunny said...

Hockey..................yeah, I've got nothing.

Phollower said...

Don't worry, I've gotten used to that since moving to Indiana. The most common question is, "Hockey... That's the one with the sticks, right?"

lkmanitou said...

Lol, since when has your blog been kid friendly? :)

Hockey...that's the one with mullets, right?

Nonny said...

Since this is my first time...stopping by, I'm not really sick of the hockey talk-yet. You must be the last hockey fan in America as I have yet to visit any other site where this topic is broached. Good for you! I must say your profile had me laughing. You list your music likes as The Cure, The Smiths etc. and then the only movie listed is "Fletch" kind of a paradox to me but a good movie nontheless.

Is your profile pic actually of you and if so, did you draw it?

Phollower said...

LKM- What the fuck are you talking about? My cock-sucking blog has always been kid friendly. Fucking whining bastards. Mullets... That's hilarious. Mainly because it's true.

NONNY- Thanks for stopping by. The blog isn't usually hockey related. It's just been a great season for my usually lowly Sabres and it's got me and the Spousal Unit all riled up.
And yes that is a drawing of me but I most definitely did not do it. I struggle with stick figures. A friend of mine, who I refer to as Shelly when I mention her on my blog, drew it. I believe it's charcoal on paper. She is unbelieveably talanted. The SU and I have been trying to get some of her art for years but she won't part with it. I guess we'll need to kill her but we'll probably wait for her to finish a few more pieces before she gets the axe.

Zoe said...

It's actually graphite on paper, and I only point that out because graphite is about a brazillion times more tedious to work with that charcole.

Go Sabres!

Zoe said...

Sorry my I failed my spell check, it's charcoal.

Pud said...

Wow! I'm surprised the hockey season is still going on. Thought it was a winter sport.

Learn something new everyday.

Phollower said...

It's only going on for the 3 teams that are still in the playoffs. It'll be 2 teams after tonight. GO SABRES!