Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Enough to please everybody

On a blog that I often read the poster and a couple of commenters were discussing their vibrators. Not really in a sexy way, it actually had more to do with whose would make a better lightsaber. I'm not sure exactly how public they'd like this information so I'm not going to link to it. Anyway, one of them says they have a rabbit and another says that's very fancy while hers is "bottom shelf" which I thought was funny. The third says she has the queen of all vibrators and it has 7 different settings. I got to wondering about this (I mean really, what guy wouldn't?) and I began envisioning the control panel for it and pondered the labeling of the settings. Are they just numbered or do they have names? For example:

1. Tingly Fingers
2. Smooth Operator
3. Warm Vibes
4. Heavy Handed
5. Power Thruster
6. The Jackhammer
7. Holy Fucking Shit

I know how I'd label it.


elle_rigby said...

Hahahaha. You can tell the world, it's okay. Stephanie uses hers for props for little theatrical solos all the time. (I was going to call the solo a "diddy" but I didn't want to create a typo and put dildo). Upon her acquirement of the vibrator, we named some of the settings. #3: Creepy Old Man... and so on,

Motor City Monk said...

7 settings sounds like too many choices for me. My wife's has slow and fast but I think she prefers just shoving it in and out - I noticed the other day the batteries were missing.

Dirty Bunny said...

My first visit to your site, and I'm positive I should be smacked up for that. I'm thinking I've missed a lot of shit!

I have one named Red Dog...Joe likes to call it Clifford. Either way, he's one of my best friends.

Phollower said...

I'm not sure I even want to contemplate the size of a vibrator named after Clifford. Does it smell like wet dog when you're done with it? Nevermind, I don't want to know. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you and Joefish become regulars bacause the stuff on your sites cracks me up.

Party Girl said...

Seven? Yeah, cause that seems realistic and something a man would be able to duplicate.

I have some girlfriends who have actually named their vibrators. Named them!
I mean, I love mine and all...all of them, but seriously. That's a bit much for me.
One friend named her's, Frankie. (Alrighty.)
Another named her's Bob, which I later found out stood for, Battery Operated Boyfriend.

I just call mine, in a box under my bed.

Phollower said...

By the way Elle, is that what Steph calls using her vibrator? A "Theatrical Solo"? I'll have to suggest that name to the Spousal Unit.

Zoe said...

Mine has an 8th setting,cause it's 1 faster. We'll call it the zoe setting.

Steph said...

Nope, no control panel just a button and no really cool names but I mean seven settings you have one for every mood and can even mix it up. Your names would work well though.

Feel free to leave a link to the blog anytime...no shame in the vibrators