Friday, April 07, 2006

Like you couldn't tell

For anyone who had any doubt about this fact, I am a dork. I play D&D nearly every Friday night (and I'm the Dungeon Master to make it even worse), my favorite pastime is playing Euro-style boardgames (which I am happy to talk more about if there is any interest), I like to camp and backpack (even in the winter with no one else around but the dogs), I'm happily married (which seems to be a rarity and decidedly non-manly), and I run around the house like a giggling schoolgirl when the Sabres win in overtime. I do play ice hockey every week (poorly, but I do play) so maybe that adds to my manhood quotient a little. I don't mention this for any real reason except in the interest of full disclosure.

I also felt required to post something.

There ain't nothing like a blog to make one realize that their life contains very little of interest to anyone. Well, my mom is coming to visit in a few weeks and that should surely result in some posting. She's only been out to visit once in the 5 years that the SU and I have lived in IN so it's a bit of an event. I suppose we'll have to vacuum. I'm actually a bit of an avid vacuumer although I don't get around to it as often as I'd like. When you have 2 dogs and 4 cats it's impossible to keep up. I have this incredibly anal requirement when I vacuum; the lines that the vacuum cleaner makes have to be nice and straight and overlap each other just the right amount. I nearly always move the couches so I can vacuum under them. Nothing is ever there but I can't stop myself. You may say to yourself, "This guy would make a great housewife. Or maybe ex-postal worker." and, in fact, I hope you would be correct. About the housewife part. I like to cook and clean and take care of the house. I think I do a pretty decent job of it too considering I'm at work 40 hours a week. The SU and I hope someday for me to be able to stay home full time. We're both looking forward to that although neither of us can figure out why the other would be happy that way. See, she loves her job and looks forward to going and is excited about the work she will do next. I think she was dropped as a child. I would poke out one of my eyes if it meant I didn't have to go to work ever again. Myself, I can't wait to be able to take care of the homefront. I would love to be able to have all the cleaning and laundry and cooking etc done before the SU comes home so when she's around we can relax and do something fun. She thinks I may have a brain tumor of some sort. Aren't we perfect together?
I'll try to come up with something that has some substance to it later. Vegas is giving 8-1 odds against it.


The SU said...

Personally, I can't imagine wanting to vacumn any more often than once a week - especially when you move all the furniture. But that is just me. I was dropped as a child.

MrsOz said...

She probably was dropped as a child. By her drunk mother.

Phollower - you are a great housewife, you put me to shame.

But I can totally relate to the idea of getting everything done before the SU gets home for family time. I try to do that, but, like I said - you put me to shame. And the sad thing is I AM HOME WITH NO JOB.

So, I think that if we had a contest about who's blog would be more boring I would win hands down.

Your description of yourself is so right on. All of those things are things we all love about you. What I always laugh about it that we all know that to be true. But all the people that know you where I live would never guess. I don't think they know the Phollower we know. That's OK though because I don't really feel like sharing!

Phollower said...

MrsOz- No Job? What do you call raising two of my neices and my nephew? Not only do I call that a job I call it a job I'm glad I don't have. I only work 40 hours a week. 3 kids is a whole lot more than that. Although in a few years you should be able to sit on the couch while directing your slaves, I mean, lovely children.

elle_rigby said...

Don't think for a second that your life is of no interest for anyone.

I said the same thing when I started this little blog adventure, and months and months later, people started to confess to me that they read my blog and are minorly obsessed with it. For some reason, telling me in person seems less embarassing than just posting a comment.

But never deny the fact that blogging is nerdy. It's fun in that "I wear glasses and sit in front of the computer" kind of way. Also, as aforementioned, this is more excitement then some people experience when they play on the computer.