Monday, March 27, 2006


Just an observation which may answer some questions about me but will almost certainly bring up a few more:
Have you ever noticed in movies when they show someone taking a dump, more specifically when the dumping portion is complete, the dumper only ever wipes once? And there's no need to check on efficacy?
And to go along with that observation here's a little something I bet only the Spousal Unit is aware of:
While I'm performing the aformentioned act (the dumping part, not the one-wipe) I tear off specific lengths of TP, fold them neatly into squares the size of an individual sheet, and lay them on my lap so they're ready for action when their time comes.
To anyone who knows me this will probably come as no real surprise.
To anyone who happens to stumble upon my blog and learns that this anonymous blogger pre-folds toilet paper sheets so he can be prepared when he's finished making #2 I say, "Thanks for making your one and almost certainly only visit to my site." Any comments which include the obvious anal-retentive joke will be ignored.


Loki said...

Knowing you, it doesn't surprise me.

elle_rigby said...

My dad and my three uncles once had an entire conversation about this. They are all folders, much like you, while my mom tends to be a toilet buncher. I fall somewhere in between. I suppose it depends on my mood.

Phollower said...

Yeah, I've noticed that women tend to do more of the beehive-wrap around the hand or a sort of bunching thing with TP. My sister-in-law uses about half a roll every time she pees and then complains that the toilet backs up all the time. Piece of junk.
But a mood wiper... that's one I haven't heard of. Not that I've done any extensive studies. Do you need to check your mood ring first or do you check afterward and see if your tp choice matches your ring?

MrsOz said...

Yes, that totally sounds like you, no anal retentive jokes. don't worry. We have yet to think that part of you is funny.

I'm so glad I know all of this. This is what I'll be thinking of when you visit in two weeks over our ham dinner.

I do the beehive because it makes a nice little nest to keep the hands clean. You should appreciate that for two reasons:
1. I cook for you.
2. You like it clean.

Well, actually you like it dirty, but that's a whole 'nother topic.