Thursday, March 23, 2006

The tag stops here

So I got "tagged" by my former friend Loki and I guess I'm supposed to name my 7 favorite songs as of now. Well, these are the ones I've been most glad about when they are randomly selected by my mp3 player:

Half a Person- The Smiths: I've always sort of related to this song. "16, clumsy and shy. That's the story of my life." I feel that way a lot.

Play for Today- The Cure: I guess it's the selfish side of me coming out.

Evil- Interpol: It's a great song but it's the video that really gets me.

Boots or Hearts- The Tragically Hip: It's one of those songs that makes me wish I could play guitar better because the guitar riffs are excellent.

Wot's uh... the Deal?- Pink Floyd: Another one that hits the nail on the head about how I feel sometimes.

Tooting Bec Wreck- Hanoi Rocks: I love the refrain and the drum and bass part at the beginning that leads into the guitars. Rock and roll, man.

Candy- The Willies: Ok, fine, I wrote it but I still get excited when hear it. It makes me say, "Holy crap, we made some pretty good music in our day." Too bad the rest of the world will never find out about it. And make me rich.

So that's that. I am not tagging anyone else but I will be punching Loki the next time I see her. You're it, bitch.


Loki said...

I noticed that you made a few changes, I guess you are less decisive than me. Excellent choice my former friend. I almost put Slow Hand on my list instead of Roland, not because it's my favorite Interpol song, but because now I always chuckle and think of Lindsay Lohan.

somebody has to the bitch.

Phollower said...

I appreciate you being there to fill the role. You gotta be able to count on your friends.