Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bye, Honey

So today my Spousal Unit left for a conference deep in the heart of Texas. Please award yourself 3 bonus points if you did the *clap clap clap clap* without being prompted. Anyway, since she's gone it'll be nothing but beer, porn and house cleaning for the next 5 days. I guess it'll be a lot like when she's here except I get to pick the porn. Seriously though, she's been gone for about an hour and a half and I miss her already. Have fun Sweetie. Kiss a Rollergirl for me!


Loki said...

I know which rollergirls I'd have her kiss.
By the way, I took one of those blogthings quizzes to see which city I am, Austin. Fucking Austin. Oh, wait I could be a Rollergirl then.

Loki said...

Sorry, but you've been tagged by my alter ego. 7 Favorite songs please. It doesn't have to be your all time favorite, just right now 7 songs that you'd hit the repeat button for. GO!

MrsOz said...

Sorry Phollower. You're an awesome husband. I know the unti misses you too.