Sunday, March 16, 2008

That Cool Refreshing Drink

A guy Sylvia and I graduated from high school with (yes, we went to high school together but were definitely NOT high school sweethearts) is putting together a list of contact info for the 130 or so people from our graduating class in an attempt to arrange a *gasp* 20th reunion sort of thing. He set up a meeting time and place for anyone who was interested in getting together to brainstorm some ideas about the reunion itself, how to reach more people, and that sort of thing. Sylvia and I live about 9 hours from where we grew up so we pretty much sent him our contact info and left it at that. But the day after the "meeting" he sent an e-mail to everyone on his list so far that basically said, "I showed up, waited around for a while, realized no one else was coming, and left." He then went on to say, "But on my way home I saw the most beautiful sunset over the Niagara River and realized that had I been a minute earlier or later it wouldn't have been as wonderful. So thank you all for making that happen."

Now that's pretty much the epitome of the old saying, "When life hands you a bunch of lemons, make lemonade."

Me? I'd have taken the lemons, cut them up, used them to chase a bunch of tequila shots, and said "Fuck the whole thing."

But that's just me.


tysgirl said...

I would have drawn the classmate's faces on the lemons first and then cut them up.

Totally unrelated, the last 2 letters in your word verification thingy are BJ. It might be your lucky day! Just don't let Sylvia sniff any Bradford Pears!

Frank said...

Wow, isn't that exactly the kind of inspirational poster stuff you'd expect from a person who decides to organize a reunion of people who didn't really like each other much 20 years ago, assuming, after 20 years of ruminating over it in endless bouts of obsessive, saccharine nostalgia,that a whole school full of bad relationships can only have gotten better over time and neglecting the fact that most sane people have been doing their best to forget about high school entirely, save for the occasional late-night, gin-fueled bout of lingering angst and self-loathing.

Or is that just me? (No, I have no issues. Really.)

elle_rigby said...

My big 5 year reunion is coming up. I am hoping we'll have it at a bar and I can just go about my business, get really shitfaced, and insult people with my usual efficiency. If that douche bag planner guy went to my high school, he is so the first person I would insult at my reunion. Mostly because he would be the jerk that insisted on getting cheap vodka because he only drinks lemonade at these kinds of events.

tysgirl said...

I had to laugh at Franks comment, it's so true.

I didn't like those people 20 years ago, no way in hell am I going back to revisit that bullshit.

Party Girl said...

Lemons, always, lemons with a twist of lime.

dykewife said...

they make a dang good salad dressing too :)

bran and i are (as of this june) 30 years from high school and would rather have limbs amputated with a butter knife than go to a reunion.

limpy99 said...

It's been 21 years since I graduated high school and I've succesfully missed every reunion since. Which isn't surprising since I went to an all-male high school.

And on Tysgirl's totally unrelated note, and I swear on my kids I'm not making this up, the last two letters on my word verification are "VD", so perhaps today isn't all that it might be cracked up to be.


tysgirl said...

Limpy, maybe that's a sign you should steer clear of the over-priced hookers and just give your wife the $5k.

Phollower said...

tysgirl: Everyday with Sylvia is my lucky day. I don't mean I get a hummer every day, I just mean she's good to me.

frank: That's pretty much why we dodged the 10 year.

elle: It was news to Sylvia and I but apparently reunions are usually weekend long events. That's right, Friday night, Saturday night and then a family type thing on Sunday. We decided we'd go to whichever one was shortest and/or had the most liquor. None of that 3 day shit.

pg: Jeezus, are you drunk right now?

dykewife: I considered putting a sharp stick in my eye but I'm too big of a chicken so I decided to hope for a fatal accident of some sort instead.

limpy: An all male high school? That's really too bad. Does not looking at 17 year old girls all day make you spank the monkey more or less often?

And could the two of you just type in the word verification thing without being pigs? No? Carry on then.

MrsOz said...

I wanted to email the guy back when I heard about how he was stood up (my hubby TrapperJohn also went to high school with these guys), and say to him...

My Motto:

"No good deed goes unpunished."