Monday, March 12, 2007

Watership Downed

There's an important lesson to be learned by bunnies:

Do not hang out in the yard where two 75 pound dogs go out to play and pee.

The big problem is that, upon learning this lesson, the bunny no longer has the chance to put the lesson into practice. Or do anything else for that matter besides get thrown lacrosse-style into the ravine with a shovel.

So it goes.


sylvia said...

It was a rather large bunny too. I can't believe they finally got one! It was so sad! Marisol went right out to the spot she left it the next time she was out and spent the entire time looking around as if it had gotten up and left.

Zoe said...

Though I know that our dogs and the few outdoor cats in our neighborhood are really the only predators of the bunnies, it still makes me sad when the dogs get one, especially the little baby bunnies. I know it keeps the population healthy, and that it's the way of the world, I just like to see it. Then again I don't like those little fuckers eating my garden.

Party Girl said...

That cartoon bothered the bejesus out of me as a kid. I'm pretty sure it still would.

Sums up the post pretty well though. Visuals were all there.

Phollower said...

PG: I never saw the cartoon. I read the book a couple times. Loved it. That's one of the very few non-Vonnegut books that I've read more than once.

limpy99 said...

"Look kids, the Circle of Life!"

Phollower said...

Limpy: Yep. Grass draws minerals from the ground, bunny eats grass, dog eats bunny, dog-owner heaves bunny into ravine, bunny decomposes into minerals. Nature's a beautiful thing. I'm glad I was there to play my part.