Tuesday, August 22, 2006

How did I get so lucky?

Nine (count 'em, nine) years ago today Sylvia went from being The Girlfriend to being The Spousal Unit. Best decision I ever made. I hope she feels the same. I'm pretty sure she does; think it's the best decision I ever made, I mean. She's probably made some brighter ones.

I checked to see what the 9th anniversary gift is; you know how 25th is silver and 50th gold and all that. It turns out (according to this) that the traditional 9th anniversary gift is pottery or willow. Very nice. It also turns out that the modern 9th anniversary gift is leather. That's what I'm talking about. Happy anniversary sweetie, I hope it doesn't chaf too bad. Don't worry, there's a zipper over the mouth part if you need it.

So, it's dinner tonight at our favorite Korean restaurant, followed perhaps by a little bit of gifting (we don't really buy stuff for each other but we might go to a couple of our favorite stores to pick up something to celebrate the occasion), and then, well, you know.

Happy Anniversary Sylvia. After 9 years you continue to be the most wonderful part of my life. I love you more than you could ever know.

What's that?


You love me too? That's really sweet.


Zoe said...

I believe it's "Zzziiiiipp! wait a minute!"

Happy Anniversary guys!

lkmanitou said...

Happy Anniversary :)

limpy99 said...

Nothing says I love you, in a muffled kind of way, than a trip to the leather bondage store.

Dirty Bunny said...

Happy Anniversary!

It's outstanding that there's people out there who value their relationship.

Party Girl said...

Happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOohhhh, happy anniversary!

MMmmmmmmm, leather. Don't forget the whip.

sylvia said...

Sorry - a little late on my reply. Marrying Phollower was the best decision of my life. I will leave it to the rest of you to decide what that means, but I think it means he is great. What other man can so seamlessly turn a sweet Anniversary message into S&M? And for the record, I'll take the pottery over the willow or leather.

MrsOz said...

doesn't she like Silicone more than leather anyway?

Hey Bro, you are so sweet!