Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mixed Feelings

So I'm going on this 5 day backpacking trip tomorrow. I really love backpacking. I love sleeping in the woods & listening to the wind and rain on the tent. Smelling the rotting leaves, berries ripening, pine trees. I even love hiking when the weather isn't great; rain, hail (not baseball sized, mind you), snow. I like to feel mother nature doing her thing.

I also love my wife and love to be with her. She likes primitive camping but is not so hot on the idea of carrying 35 pounds of crap on her back for 10 miles in order to do it. So when I go backpacking it's generally without the Spousal Unit.

And I miss her.


sylvia said...

That is very sweet. The dogs and I will miss you too.

Dirty Bunny said...


Pud said...'re so sweet. I think you just gave me a cavity.

little sister said...

Saw your comments on limpy's blog and they're hilarious so I surfed over here to check out the rest. You're mushy and hilarious at the same time. I bet you and the SU are a riot in person!

Hope your backpacking is fun and safe!

elle_rigby said...

Oh man. Who let this guy go camping? I hope there was room in that backpack for all those board games and prosthetic vaginas.

Phollower said...

Games, yes. But I left the vaginas home. Both prosthetic and otherwise.