Friday, May 05, 2006

Well that was fun.

My boss has been on vacation for the last week. This of course should mean that I'm essentially on vacation as well but it doesn't turn out like that. For whatever reason he's deemed me the trustworthy one and dumps everything that needs to get done while he's gone onto my desk. He also tells all of his clients that if they need anything while he's away they should ask for me. What he fails to do is tell me what they might be calling about. For example:

Customer: Hi Phollower. I'm calling because I'd like to stop in to see the monitor Tedd was telling me about. (yes, there are 2 "d"'s)
Me: Oh, ok. Which monitor was that?
Customer: It's the one he said with go with my new computer.
Me: (that rules out 0 of the 10 different monitors we carry) Ummm, all right.

I'm actually sort of flattered that he puts his faith in me. I guess my job is safe for another week or so. Not that anybody is busting down the door asking for shipping/receiving positions.

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