Thursday, May 25, 2006

Self Restraint

The Spousal Unit has the incredible ability to leave "except that my husband's an asshole" off the end of sentences that would certainly deserve it. For example:

*Ring, Ring*
SU: Hello? Oh hi. I'm fine.

Yesterday, along with many other days, this sentence could've used the asshole comment. The end.


Zoe said...

Funny, she doesn't use such restraint when she's taking about me.

Pud said...

Hello. Noticed that you said you were "transplanted in Indiana". I'm from there and you have my sympathy.

Michizzle said...
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Michizzle said...

Does she say things like -
"Phollower used to be a nice guy, but ANYMORE..."
If so, just let me know. I'll translate for you.

Party Girl said...

wow! She is a keeper!

The SU said...

Well we are all assholes some of the time. It would be impolite (and somewhat repetitive) if we pointed that out about each other each time we were assholes.

Along the same vein, Zoe - when have I ever said you were an asshole? You know we love your gruff persona!

Michizzle - I'd love to say stuff like that, but that language is too weird for me to figure out!

Phollower said...

Zoe- I've never heard her say "I'm fine except Zoe's an asshole" either.

Pud- Yeah, thanks. I actually like it here except for the extreme redness of the state. And the lack of mountains.

Mich- I'll let you know if anything needs translated. To anyone who read that and it sounded fine: it should either read "to be translated" or "needs translating". "Needs translated" doesn't make sense outside the midwest.

PG- She is, and for more reasons than I can legally mention. Although having read your blog I'm sure you can imagine many of them.

SU- There also simply isn't enough time in the day to mention all the time I'm an asshole. I love you for letting me stick around though. You and Party Girl can discuss some other reasons for keeping me around.

elle_rigby said...

You know, yesterday I was having real trouble understanding why people get married. I suppose the fact that two people can accept each others' asshole-ish qualities, it really is love and they deserve to be together.

Phollower said...

Elle- The way you say "deserve to be together" makes it sound like a sentence. As in "deserve life in prison." If you don't rush into it I think it's definately possible to find someone to be happy with forever. If you're like me you'll have to keep that person drunk until they consent to marrying you but you gotta do what you gotta do.