Wednesday, May 17, 2006

In case you were wondering

I stole this idea from Eric, who stole it from someone else, and they told two friends and they told two friends and so on, and so on, and so on...
Go to Wikipedia and type in the month and day of your birth. Just the month and day, not the year. List 3 events, 2 births, and 1 death that occured on that day. You can list anything else you think is interesting too. I should tag that bitch loki as return payment but I'm gonna wait for a better (re: needs a much longer response) time for that.

December 24th

1715 - Swedish troops occupy Norway. That must've been a barnburner. They probably fought over who was more neutral. Switzerland got involved and they both gave up. Then they all got together and made really hot blonde chicks.
1800 - Assassination attempt on Napoleon Bonaparte's life. He was mysteriously pulled into a phone booth by 2 surfer dudes and escaped. He returned later covered in Ziggy Piggy ice cream.
1968 - The crew of Apollo 8 enter into orbit around the Moon, becoming the first humans to do so. Laika's ghost reportedly says "Whoop-de-doo".

1905 - Howard Hughes, American film producer and inventor (d. 1976) Wow, that dude did a lot.
1945 - Lemmy Kilmister, British singer, bassist (Motörhead) Mary Ramsey, current singer of the 10,000 Maniacs, was also born on my b-day but if I gotta pick one I'm going with Lemmy lest his birthmark attack me.

1914 - John Muir, Scottish-born naturalist (b. 1838) Somebody should name a hiking trail after this guy. And then I should go hike it someday.

Well, there you have it. Please respond with your own if you'd like. Or don't.


Michizzle said...

August 2nd


1776 - Delegates to the Continental Congress begin signing the United States Declaration of Independence.

1870 - Tower Subway, the world's first underground tube railway, opens in London.

1934 - Gleichschaltung: Adolf Hitler becomes Führer of Germany.

1990 - Iraq invades Kuwait, eventually leading to the Gulf War.


1939 - Wes Craven, American film director

1964 - Mary-Louise Parker, American actress

1970 - Tony Amonte, American hockey player (thought this might mean something to you)

1970 - Kevin Smith, American actor, director, and screenwriter

1977 - Edward Furlong, American actor


1611 - Kato Kiyomasa, Japanese warlord and samurai (b. 1562)

1922 - Alexander Graham Bell, Scottish-born inventor (b. 1847)

1923 - Warren G. Harding, 29th President of the United States (b. 1865)

1997 - William S. Burroughs, American writer (b. 1914)

Anonymous said...

It was too difficult to limit this to just 3 items. I decided to go with threeve instead.

The Spousal Unit said...

I broke the rules too - I did the highlights (from my point of view, of course)

November 14

1922 - The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) begins radio service in the United Kingdom.

1978 - Jonestown Massacre: 913 people commit suicide by drinking a cyanide laced punch.

1995 - A budget standoff between Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Congress forces the federal government to temporarily close national parks and museums and to run most government offices with skeleton staffs. (geeky note - I actually remember this happening and being very concerned - boy was I an idealist!)

2002 - The US House of Representatives votes to not create an independent commission to investigate the September 11 attacks.

2003 - Planetoid 90377 Sedna is discovered.

1771 - Marie François Xavier Bichat, French anatomist and pysiologist (d. 1802)
1776 - Henri Dutrochet, French physiologist (d. 1847)

Those who know me can see why those two caught my eye.

1840 - Claude Monet, French painter (d. 1926)

1948 - Charles, Prince of Wales
1954 - Condoleezza Rice, United States Secretary of State
YIKES on those two, huh!

1915 - Booker T. Washington, American inventor, educator, and author (b. 1856)

April said...

the Sweden Norway debacle was funny.

Party Girl said...

Very fun.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you do so again.