Thursday, May 11, 2006

How come we never get invited back?

Last night the Spousal Unit and I went to the home of some friends of ours for the first time. I don't mean it's the first time we've ever gone to a friends' house, I mean it's the first time we went to this particular couple's house. They are also originally from Buffalo so we got together to watch the Sabres' game which they won 3-2 in OT. I get pretty excited when the Sabres win. When the Sabres score in overtime to take a 3-0 lead in the 2nd round of the playoffs against the best team in the conference I run around the house screaming like a little girl whilst pumping my fists, jumping up and down and generally making an ass out of myself. The fact that I'm not in my own living room anymore has no effect on this outburst. Our gracious hosts took it in stride since they also get worked up about Sabres' games but let's just say I won't be all that surprised if our invitation to a 3rd round game gets lost in the mail. If the Sabres ever get within one victory of winning the Stanley Cup I'll need to be put into some sort of quarantine. God I hope to need quarantining. I'm pretty sure I'd cry.

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The Spousal Unit said...

I am pretty sure they didn't mind the explosion since I was the only one in the house NOT running around at that point, including the dog. And I am pretty sure we will need some sort of restraints if the Sabres continue to win! Mmmmm - restraints - GO SABRES!