Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Could be.

I blorgot to post this when it happened a few weeks ago but it cracked me up again this morning when I remembered.

The scene: The two techs here at my computer store discussing a cute girl who just dropped her laptop off.

Alpha Tech: She was pretty hot. I bet she's one of those girls who looks innocent but when you get her in bed she's really wild. One of those...uhhh...what do you call a girl like that...?


Tech #2: Catholic?


Loki said...

Did you happen to be tech #2? Oh hope if she's catholic that she's wearing one of those school girl uniforms. Mmmm, how I do love that.

Phollower said...

I was actually not tech #2. I'm not tech # anything. I was laughing hysterically though.

elle_rigby said...

Hah. I think that just made my day.